Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spooning - The Tell Tell Truth

I happened to stumble upon Oprah's show the other day and she was interviewing that actress, totally forget her name, she was in the Lord of the Rings as that Ice Princess type character and played Elizabeth? She's hot by the way. Anyhoo, she was asked a question about how she knew her husband was "the one". She answered, she said "It's all in how well you spoon when you are in bed together". You know I have to agree with her. My ex and I never spooned well as I look back. My sex god and I talked about it last night, as we were spooning, and he asked me, "hey did we always sleep like this"? I think we have, I told him. When spooning is at it's perfect match it's the most comfortable, comforting and secure position any two people can share.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday - Back to work

So, my sex god and I did finally go to sleep last night. But usually right before we go to sleep he inevitably asks me to suck his cock, "just for a little bit" sort of a good night kiss of course :). A lot of the time it's just that, maybe to relax and fall into a nice pleasant sleep. But, IT reacted and that just makes me hot for him again. My body definately had enough but my mind took over as it usually does. So, he asked me to 69 him, which I gladly did. It felt great, nice soft tongue on an area which had been completely worn throughout the weekend. Though it felt great I was so numb it just wasn't going to get me to cum. Not that I felt like I had too but it's just so great to cum right before going to sleep. So, after a few minutes I climbed off of him and told him that I wanted to get myself off quickly. He smiled and asked if I could sit over his face and rub myself on him as I masturbate. Hmmmm, that was a really nice idea and definately got my into a mode. I started masturbating, quickly with my two fingers, the Jack be Quick of masterbation scenes, LOL. I came one last time rubbed my pussy all over his face and gave him a big wet kiss good night!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Pocket Rocket - I know my toys, trust me

This is by far the best personal vibrator for women. It's approximately 3 inches in length and is probably has the strongest vibrations of any vibrator I have ever used. It's the design that works so well. It has three metal ball like features at the top which slide so smoothly in and around the clit. The strength of the vibrator makes the vibrations travel pretty deep so a lot of the time I don't have to have it vibrating directly on my clit to get off. A must have and the BEST gift you can get ANY woman.

Sundays - A fucking good weekend - Shit ,back to work

Every Sunday it's like this. We have the best fucking weekend, literally, and then Sunday rolls around and I get a little depressed. We spent, hmmm, let me think, pretty much most of Saturday night fucking and then pretty much all of today fucking. It's out of control, we just can't get enough. He could be fucking me in the ass all day long and we are both exhausted and then just brush by each other in the kitchen and then "boom" I'm on my knees wanted to blow him again or I could be doing the dishes and all of the sudden he lifts up my robe and starts fucking me from behind. We've been together for almost 3 years now so this isn't new, actually it's gotten better and better over time. So, I'm writing now, we are taking a break, but I can bet you a billion dollars I'll just have to suck his cock one more time or at least have one more orgasm before this weekend is officially over.