Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blessed with the best - 2009 should be rocking

I just have to look back at my incredible year of sex. My growth sexually has made me understand better why even from a young age I had deep routed sexual needs. I consider myself lucky because I have been able to tap into my inner most intimate desires and express it physically with someone who also has found himself. Even after 3 years I still get butterflies when his face is looking down on me and we look into each others eyes and feel that intense desire. Just today we were fucking in bed, missionary style which to me is the most intimate and truly "making love". I just kept looking him in the eyes, staring into them. I was so taken by his power. Looking down between my legs I could see his cock pulling all the way out and forcefully entering it's way back in, in such a powerful motion. I imagined what it would look like from behind seeing his beautiful ass pushing itself into me and the muscles tightening with every push. It made me so HOT just thinking about it. I was in complete bliss.

I think the simple things we notice about each other is why our sex is so good. For instance, he loves when I don't wear a bra and in fact gets annoyed if I do wear one when we are just hanging around the house. I know, it's a guy thing and I forget :). He says I have beautiful breasts, most especially create nipples. So, when I don't wear a bra, my nipples tend to get very erect and hard. He will either come up from behind me and slide his hands up my shirt and caress them at any moment or I will just be doing anything, turn to look at him and notice him staring at my breasts. Those two things are the types of situations that keeps me at a level sexually that is as satisfying as it is. For me, I love his hands. I can't explain why it's maybe the shape, I don't know. But, I will look at them sometimes, he could be doing handy work and I look at his hands and get those butterflies in my pussy. Such a simple thing and most take for granted or they just dont' really look or take time to look.

I think couples these days just need to step back a bit and observe. Reconnect, go over every inch of their partner's body. See how your body and mind reacts to that. Take a mental note and then every day that you are together, make a point of observing your partner and you will be setting up a foundation for a very hot encounter. Make that one of your new years resolutions.